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Friday, 6 April 2012

Blessed be the ties that bind (continued) part 3

Today I'm making ends for the screwer's these will change slightly as the TPR CHALLENGE progresses I use simple paper bead methods ....

 I started with plain cheap thin with card (or photo copier paper) cut to 11 inches by 8 inches

For the first size I marked at every inch..

Now along the bottom edge I marked every half inch..

Line the first half inch mark up with the ruler to the outer edge on the inch side of paper 

Now draw a line from the inch mark to the same half inch mark forming a long triangle..

Continue joining the marks in this way creating a page of triangles....

Now cut cut the triangle out ~I use scissors


I wanted a plain bead one colour, so making a pattern was not need for these, I used a marker that would not bleed

All that is needed is a line of colour down each side of paper..

using the screwer so that it will fit with out problems when I come to put it all together, roll it tightly until all the paper is around the screwer 

Have white glue ready to attach and keep it rolled 2 inches before the end..

Don't worry about it spilling over the bead it will dry clear and it will be sealed with a glassy accents when decorated later.

The smaller bead is done exactly the same way only the measurements are half inches, and quarter inches.

Fingers a mess again!!!!
hay hoe
there you go

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