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Thursday, 5 April 2012


Lately saying I must do some Ironing has taken on a new meaning for  me as I rush, yes I said RUSH to get it out, however the laundry pile gets bigger instead of smaller?????

Yes you guested right, I'm at it again Toilet Paper Rolls, I can see them in my sleep, so cookie as it seams, I have another idea to add to my goal of 101.

I iron them with the steam full on to flatten them and the steam makes them go hard and stiff......

Today's project is called BLESSED BE THE TIES THAT BIND 
Sadly as each of my uncles die I realise that my daughter has never even met some off them, so I gathered the old vintage pics and the info to make this display of them and hopefully it will mean something to her, in years to come. Sadly it reminds me of how precious each moment of time is wasted and taken for granted, BUT as I grab the life I have been given it makes me celebrate each moment, and try to live it to the full.  LIFE IS FOR LIVING be happy and enjoy it, in the good and bad times. We can't enjoy the happy times without the sad times to contrast the difference.

Each roll has been steamed and pressed...

The steam really makes them very ridged when they dry.

Now for the hinges
measure 1 cm or about 1/2 an inch from the top of first edge and mark...then mark the point of the second cm or the inch mark...Now go to the bottom edge and mark the same points from bottom to top.
Now cut with knife the top cm or 1/2inch out about 0.5 
or a 1/4 of an inch this depends on how wide your screwer is, you should now have two sticky out bits as shown in the picture

 Next step is to mark the opposite side on the next roll in the same way, making sure that the sticky out part is going to fit inside where you have marked.
Cut out the two indents to fit smoothly as this will form your hinge.

Now take the screwer and pass it carefully down through the  two toilet rolls to check they fit.

It may help if you slide your finger into flattened roll to help guide the stick into hinge.

Now keep going on each roll I have chosen to do seven on this project remember the two end rolls only need one edge cut as the two edges are left straight

Do come back and see what happened next?


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