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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

polymer clay pendants By the sea collection

By the sea Collection

Today I was busy putting my brain into gear
I live by the sea and am drawn to natural
colours, and materials, so I am always
 happier creating a chain or jewelry finding
that I feel suits, rather than pulling one out 
of a premade one out of a box, unless it 
demands it.

 Rachel Norris

I was watching this demo of the very talented
Rachel Norris and decided to give it ago,so
here we go.

Number one lesson 

When drilling the hole I have decided that using 
a drill bit by hand,when baked, is much neater 
than a needle or stick when unbaked, which 
tends to distort the clay and design very slightly

I plugged the holes up with the clay thinking
I'd rescue it when baked.

I found the best way for me to keep clean 
round holes by hand when baked  

I drilled the plugs not ideal but all my head 
came up with!!!

It was more even on this one.

These others have wire coils and gems added

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