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Saturday, 26 March 2016

How to use the Kato clay colour charts (Making colour chips)

I downloaded the colour chart from and
after watching Dona Kato showing how to do it 

I am finding this a much firm clay to work with it does not soften as much as Premo really liking it. Here is another link to watch Dona Kato work(
I advise you to make the colour chips to use a reference.

The solid boxes refer to the pure from the block colour (this is magenta).

reading the rows and lines

Third row up (3) and

and B across


How to mix and read the chart

There are 3 numbers in the boxes.

The number on the left is how many parts of black in the mix as you can see this mix has no black in  this colour.


The middle number is how many parts  of the colour is in the mix this it is 16 of the intermediate colour. I'll show you how to do this without using a lot of clay)in the next post.

The number on the far right is how many parts of white added to the mix this one is one(1) part white.

The dashed line around the box is a mix of in this case one(1) part  Magenta and one(1) part violet to make what is called the intermediate colour

 and is then used to add white and black to making another range for colours.

It will be clearer as I show you how I did it.

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